Why Change?

Sales Enablement isn’t Working

According to Forrester research, companies spend an average of US$135,000 per salesperson annually on sales enablement programmes. However, statistics show that sales enablement isn’t working as most companies had hoped.

Sales Conversations are Irrelevant.
According to Forrester research 89% of conversations are deemed a waste of time by corporate decision makers.

More Investment, Lower Returns. 
Salesforce enablement as a discipline grew from 19.3% in 2013 up to 32.7% in 2016, yet over the same period, target attainment decreased from 63% to 55.8%, says CSO Insights.

Status Quo remains the biggest competitor. 
Sirius Decisions found that 60% of qualified opportunities, with budget end in no decision – making inaction a default option for clients. 

Forecasting has lower odds than roulette. According to the latest research published by CSO Insights, less than half of all forecasted sales opportunities actually result in a sales win.

Sales Management Investments are

Based on data from CSO Insights, organisations realise a tangible business value when they invest in their sales managers. Below is the contrast between annual investments smaller or larger than US$2,500 per sales manager, per year:

Win Rates up. 
Win rates for forecast deals could be improved by 9% up to 50.5% as compared to the study’s average win rate of 46.2%. Source: CSO Insights.

Revenue Attainment up.
Organisations that invested more than 50% of their sales training budget on sales managers reported a 15% higher achievement of revenue goal than those that invested less than 25% in managers. Source: Salesforce.com

Quota/Target Attainment up. 
Dynamic coaching improved quota attainment by an astounding 10.2% up to 61.5%, Yet, less than a third of all study participants reported having a formal or dynamic coaching approach in place. Source: CSO Insights.

Leverage for other investments. 
Combining sales training with coaching yields a 4x greater return than training alone. 87% of your investment is lost without coaching. Source: CEB Global

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