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We Care About Results

Given the complexities of today’s dynamic selling environments, it’s easy to see why so many organizations are putting an increased emphasis on sales enablement. Unfortunately, despite the increased investments in sales force enablement, many organizations are not seeing the expected returns in sales performance. For example, while sales force enablement as a discipline grew from 19.3% in 2013 up to 32.7% in 2016, target attainment decreased from 63% in 2012 down to 55.8% in 2016. More enablement, less results.

The missing ingredient: Sales manager enablement. Year after year, studies show the correlation between sales management skills and target attainment. We exist to drive results through this role, though our dedicated sales management tools and programmes.

We Care About Adult-Learning

Humans have learnt more about the brain and adult learning in the last five years than they have in the history of mankind. Yet, so many businesses seem to ignore these insights when it comes to training. Our approach is different: We teach sales managers to think differently, so that they can behave differently. If training doesn’t shift thinking, it doesn’t stick.

Although we offer different deployment options for companies wanting to develop their sales managers, here are some of the best practices we use that increase the impact of learning:

  • Develop a desire to learn through awareness
  • Use adult learning methods taught by  credible facilitators that has sales and sales management experience
  • Give opportunities for practice and feedback
  • Offer tools to support in-field application.
  • Offer continuous post-training support and development

We Care About People

If you reach out to any of our past participants or current clients, there will be one resounding theme that comes across. Not only do we care about the results of our clients; not only are we passionate about adult learning; but at the heart of it, we sincerely care about the success and wellbeing of the people we develop. People make results happen.

Q: So why chose us? A: Because we care about people, who if developed, will deliver results.

Who we are

  • We are a growing business founded in 2011, focused on developing the practice of sales management globally.
  • We are currently headquartered out of South Africa, and have a dedicated office in Sydney for our APAC region.
  • We regularly facilitate senior-level workshops in 15+ cities in countries including: Chile, USA, England, France, Germany, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Dubai, Mauritius, Nigeria, Mozambique, Kenya and South Africa.
  • We will establish our global head-office in Mauritius in 2018, and are establishing more formal representation in Europe and the USA during 2018.
  • We have over 70 years combined experience in Sales and Sales Leadership roles, and over 40 years combined experience in Learning & Development roles.
  • We specialise in Sales Management Training, Sales Strategy, Sales Diagnostic and Sales Management Technology.
  • We believe, with certainty, that the best investment businesses can make in sales results is through sales management development.

What we do

We are focused on developing the profession of sales management. These are the  core offerings we have that support that focus:

  • The Sales Management Development Assessment, to identify the development needs of your sales managers.
  • The Sales Management Development Programmewhich is like a business school dedicated to the profession of sales management. It has different deployment options: Online Academy; Virtual Academy; Business School; and In-House Academy. 
  • The Sales System Health Checkwhich assesses the maturity of your sales eco-system and then recommends and prioritises professional service engagements to improve these areas.
  • Professional Services is a natural spin-off of the work we do with sales leadership and management.

How to contact us

Head Office:
Regus Office Park, Building C, 8 Greenstone Place, Greenstone, 1609
+27 (0)11 201 2259

Durban Office:
The Circle Business Centre Douglas Crowe Drive, Ballito, 4420
+27 (0)32 946 5900

Asia-Pacific Office:
Based in Sydney - Representing New Zealand, Australia and ASIA
+61 414 371 880


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