Global Impact

Borders shouldn't limit the desire of people to learn and grow from the best content.

We find a way to grow into your needs. 

Currently based in South Africa, with easy access to the rest of Africa and the Middle East, MEA remains one of our strongest and most active regions.

"GrowthMatters has provided the platform that is supporting the Commercial Capabilities team to develop critical capabilities that drive performance in our global organisation. Whether training programs or consultative support, GrowthMatters offering is real, relevant and of a world class standard."

Senior Business Manager

Having facilitated in Melborne, Brisbane and Sydney on numerous occasions, Australia has become a key market for us - now with a dedicated regional presence representing the Asia-Pacific region. 

"Great session. Great insight. Caused me to really think and challenged me to grow in how I manage my sales team. This was world-class stuff."

Regional Sales Leader

We facilitate in the UK on a regular basis, as one of our key global clients are headquartered there. We have an associate presence on the ground.

"The choice for our global sales management enablement programme. Doesn’t disappoint - pragmatic; focused on execution; exceeds expectations."

Global Executive Director: Sales

Singapore has been a regular destination for us for companies supporting the Asia Pacific Region.  This will now also be supported by our Sydney office with a focus on finding on-the-ground talent with bilingual facilitation skills. 

"My team of senior Sales Leaders really appreciated the opportunity to spend dedicated time on genuine Sales Management training - the first time most (if not all) have had such training - which was specific to the unique challenges of their role. Thanks for the great framework and practical tools we will use on a daily basis."

Regional Sales Leader

Europe has become an active territory for us, having facilitated sessions in Paris and Germany on multiple occasions. Other than the US, this will remain a key growth region for us. 

"Great training programme and must be attended by all sales managers. We should be doing this more frequently and consistently."

Regional Sales Director

The USA is one of our focused growth regions, with key clients looking for us to expand into that territory.  After facilitating a session in San Francisco, and leveraging relationships with key regional players in this space, we trust we can support the demand this region will have for high quality facilitation and content.

"I have never seen such a robust and yet pragmatic approach to managing performance in sales people. A must for this profession."

Head of Cloud Sales

"To say that expanding our business to meet the global demand is easy, would be a lie. But even with all the challenges of training over 500 Sales Managers in 15 countries we have a Net-Promoter Score of 99% - so it isn't impossible. We find a way."

Alan Versteeg - Co-Founder

What Sales Managers Say

Sample size: Last 100 participants.  Regions: UK, Europe, Asia and Africa.


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